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Virgin Oils - "Carrier Oils"


Dilution of Essential Oils 

How to Dilute Pure Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a concentrated substance and rarely intended for use “as is”.  There is almost never a time when you would not want to dilute the potency of an essential oil.

Diluting essential oils is done by adding a drop or more of the essential oil into carrier oil.  This not only provides a good medium for the oil to absorb into the skin, but spreads the oil over a larger surface of your skin for more effect.

How much to dilute really depends on the issue you are addressing.  Below is a guide for diluting essential oils:

1% Dilution

Ages 6+, pregnant women, elderly adults, those with sensitive skin, compromised immune systems, or other serious health issues.  This is also the dilution you want when you are massaging over a large area of the body.  * See chart for exact measurements.

2% Dilution

Ideal for most adults and in most situations.  This is also a good dilution for daily skin care.  * See chart for exact measurements.

3% Dilution

Best used short-term for a temporary health issue, such as a muscle injury or respiratory congestion.  Up to 10% dilution is fine, depending on the health concern, the age of the person and the oils being used.  * See chart for exact measurements. 

25% Dilution

 Occasionally a dilution of this strength is warranted.  This might be for a muscle cramp, bad bruising or severe pain.  * See chart for exact measurements.

 No Dilution – “NEAT”

Lavender is one of the few essential oils that can be used neat, on occasion and only for short-term use.  A bug bite, burn or sting might be a good reason to use Lavender neat.  Just use caution when using undiluted as some individuals can experience irritation or sensitivity.

By keeping safe use of essential oils in mind, always use the lowest dilution possible that gives you effective results.


Measurement Chart

* 100 Drops = 5ml

Example: If you purchase a 30ml of Argan Virgin Oil as your carrier and wish to use a 2% dilution,

then add 12 drop of your Essential Oil to it.


Link to Carrier oils, these are Pure Virgin, Extra Virgin and Certified Oils:

Which carrier oil should you use?  Each oil has its own specific properties and focuses on different areas, skin types, afflictions and desired effect.  You can read about each specific property of each oil when you enter the items detailed description.

Definition of (CP) Cold Pressed: If the temperature does not exceed 120 °F, the oil can be called "cold-pressed".

Definition of Refined: An extraction method using a hydraulic press with added heat, higher than "CP" Cold Press method.

Definition of Certified: Any product that is USDA, IMOswiss - AG or ECO Cert Certified Organic is recognized and qualified as an independent organization providing such services.

Definition of Virgin verses Extra Virgin: This refers to the acidity content, no more than 0.8% acidity for Extra Virgin Oils and less than 2.0% for Virgin Oils.

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