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Use Organic Soap for Bathing & Hand Washing

It should come as no surprise that the majority of soaps that are sold in stores contain a large amount of chemicals that most of us have never even heard of. If you are concerned about the toxins that your family uses in your home, then you might want to consider switching to organic soap as a healthier alternative.

By using organic soap, you can potentially avoid, or at least reduce, many common skin problems. Organic soap contains ingredients that have been produced without using herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides.

Commercial soaps are hard on regular skin, and worse if you have sensitive skin. The chemicals used to make and enhance their product and dry and damage skin. Regular soaps will remove naturally present glycerin and instead include harsh substances like dyes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Is it any wonder that some people are medically required to switch to natural soaps? Some of the possible skin conditions that may cause you to switch to natural soaps include, chronically dry skin, allergic reactions after a bath or an itch that scratching doesn't seem to relieve.

Common organic ingredients you may find in organic soap include the following:

• Organic Aloe

• Organic Oats

• Organic Peppermint

• Organic Cinnamon

• Organic Olive Oil

• Organic Goats Milk

• Organic Wild Carrot

• Organic Essential Oils

When you're going green by purchasing organic soap and other products for your family, you are also protecting the environment. Organic ingredients are traditionally grown without the use of chemicals, including pesticides that pollute our air, run into our water supplies, and become embedded in our soil. Instead, organic ingredients are harvested in a way that is actually beneficial to our entire ecosystem.

The vast majority of organic companies are now biodynamic, which is a holistic approach to coexisting with our environment. Biodynamic companies use our natural resources, and at the same time, do it respecting the needs of the living systems from which they draw.

Organic producers are very careful not to disturb their surrounding natural resources, which is truly important for all of us. While this does result in higher product costs for organic soap, as well as other all natural products, you are only doing yourself, as well as our world, a great service by electing to support the efforts of organic companies.

The Benefits of Using Organic Soap Products

• Organic soaps are generally not tested on animals. The all-natural organic substances in soap are easy on sensitive skin, and can soothe the reactions.

• Natural and organic soaps don't cause the dry feeling that you can experience with commercial, non-organic soaps.

• Organic soap products are made with natural, organic substances that don't support chemical companies or GMO farmers. An investment in organic soap products is an investment in avoiding toxins harmful to your skin & to the environment.

• Organic soap products will leave your skin feeling clean & moisturized, and give you the peace of mind to know that you're doing a good thing for yourself & your family.

• Reducing toxins in one area helps your overall living environment.

The Benefits of Organic Soap

Most people actively try to minimize the amount of toxins that enter their body. They eat good food, they drink purified water, they breathe purified air, and some even take added measures to detoxify their body. However, what many people don’t realize is that toxins can be absorbed through their skin. No time is this more important than when deciding what kind of soap to use. Given the industrious process used to produce many of the commonly known soaps, it’s not a surprise that most contain questionable chemicals, dyes, and fragrances… questionable substances that many of us would be better off avoiding. If you want to minimize the “casual toxins” you and your family are exposed to, consider using organic soap.

Why Use Organic Soap?

Many people have sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to chemically laden soap. By using organic soap, you might be able to avoid, or at least reduce, the skin problems that are caused by irritating chemical ingredients. Organic soap contains ingredients that are not, and have not been produced with, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. It’s invaluable for those who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Even if you don’t break out in a full body rash, the chemicals used to make conventional soap will most assuredly dry your skin. Non-organic soaps usually do not contain glycerin (a moisturizing agent). Unfortunately, many people wait until itchy, dry skin is a problem before making the switch to natural soap.

Ingredients in Organic Soap

Shopping for hygiene products needs to be like shopping for food — always review the label. Some products claim to be “made with natural ingredients” or “made with organic ingredients”; however, there are plenty of companies who only use such language as a marketing ploy. Be aware that only soaps labeled as certified organic or 100% organic will contain truly natural ingredients. Lotus House guarantees its products to be 100% Natural Organic ingredients, no exceptions.

The Benefits of Using Organic Personal Care Products

Using organic soap has other benefits. First off, most organic soaps are cruelty-free, meaning they’re not tested on animals. Purchasing natural and organic products is better for the environment, too. Organic ingredients are grown without chemicals and pesticides, both of which can pollute the water supply, air, and soil. Organic soap might not lead the charge in saving the world but it supports the fundamental effort.

Although the added attention to detail might mean the organic option is a couple dollars more, for many, the health benefits — not to mention the product quality — justify the extra cost. It’s a purchase you can feel good about and enjoy.

Take Control!

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