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Shipping Information & Delivery Methods @ Lotus House


Delivery Methods                                                                  UPU - Universal Postal Union Tracking:    

Lotus House offers several methods of shipping your product(s) worldwide in a verity of costs, time frames and means. One thing to keep in mind is the faster you want the product delivered to your door, the more it cost. We offer UPS, DHL, EMS, FastShip, Thai Post, Pioneer and Lotus House Express or you can choose your own carrier, method and rates. Generally speaking, Thai Post is the most economical carrier using e-Packet, however with e-Packet service there is NO compensation for loss or damaged provided. (in Lotus House's opinon e-Packet not alway the most reliable); FastShip currently is the least expensive and fastest for small packages under 2.0Kg for type services, Thai Post is next for shipments over 2.0Kg, up to 20Kg.  DHL also has large cargo services for items between 2Kg and up.  FastShip is affordable, reliable and the best method Lotus House recommends.

Lotus House Express is a subsidized express service (4-10 days) anywhere in the world when your purchase is large, between 10-2000Kg. Our prices as a rule of thumb are ½ of the cost or even less than ½ the price in comparison to others. Why you ask, we understand the high price of shipping from Thailand so keeping our prices lower balance out when you are charged the shipping rates.

Below are Thai Post (THP) and FastShip services.  They deliver to most locations around the world and are priced very reasonable.  It is the preferred method of most Lotus House customers.

EMS - Express Mail Service (1-4 days) with Tracking included.

FastShip - Express & Airmail services with it's partners (3-10 days) Tracking is included.  (BEST SERVICE & AFFORDABLE)

AIR - Air Mail parcel (10 days) Tracking is included.

e-PACKET - Thai Postal Service (10-20 days) Tracking is included. (No compensation for lost or damaged provided)


The transport time is an estimate and varies because of the location you may be shipping too and CUSTOMS may delay delivery in your country.  Some Custom offices are better than others, it all depends on your government's operations and the postal services have no control of it.

Since ALL parcels are shipped from Thailand to you, they will pass through your country customs and that may delay deliver.  Generally parcels pass quickly however, at times delays can be 1 maybe 2 weeks and sometimes even longer.  The postal services nor Lotus House have any control over this process, it is your governments function.  Please be patient we can & do track your order.

Please note Lotus House recommends using the Tracking service, the small additional fee is worth it.  Not only does it let you see on-line the progress of the shipment but has an effect on the Customs and Distribution, they know it is tracked and there is no getting around unacceptable delays.  It is quick to locate the parcel and make a phone call if need be.

For items that are over 20Kg, Lotus House will arrange door-to-door, door-to-port; whatever arrangement you wish, Air Freight or Sea, creating, customs, etc. with our partner specializing in Global Freight at GDA/Pioneer or DHL and we also have Thai Post "LOGISPOST WORLD", as well as FastShip too.  As always, please feel free to contact us by text or telephone for assistance, just ask for the shipping department.

Shipping rates are very simple on our site, when you select all your purchases in the check-out basket there is a “Estimate Shipping” quotation. These are more than an “Estimate”, they are exact. The rate and approximate delivery time is supplied for each carrier and method. 

CARGO – FREIGHT / Large and Heavy Item(s)

Cargo or Freight is referred to for the “Large” or “Heavy” item(s) such as furniture or artifact that maybe made from stone. Marble statues would be in this category or teakwood carvings that you may wish to have on the wall of your home.

Generally anything over 20Kg (44lbs) would be considered in this category. It is simply too heavy for an individual to carry and move about.

So the alternative to small and medium packages (less than 20Kg) that normally would be sent by Thai Post, UPS, DHL. All other types of carriers like this would be Air Freight or Sea Cargo container. Just like the small and medium shipments, the heavier the item and the fast you want it there, the more it costs. Sea (Surface) is slow but affordable, generally taking 2-3 months, while Air Freight is a couple day, the cost is high.

Either choice you make to ship, creating and packing are essential to protect the items and documentation, customs clearance become a matter that YOU most likely do not wish to deal with. Therefore Lotus House has cargo and freight partners that take care of all the shipping needs for you, door-to-door, whether it is by Sea or Air, you do not need to worry as the professional at Pioneer Group ( will see that it is done right. Lotus House makes ALL the arrangements and the process is totally transparent to you.

When you are at the cart with your items, you can obtain an estimated shipping charge by selecting “ESTIMATE SHIPPING AND TAXES”, and then enter your ship to address and click “GET A QUOTE”. The quotation with include; Creating & Packing, Customs Clearance and Port-to-Port charges. The charges are to the nearest port of your destination. The only charge not included is what we call the “LAST MILE”, which will be calculated manually and presented to you. Once again is you need assistance, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail our shipping department . . . we’re here to help you.

Postal Payment of Indemnity

The majority of shipments by Lotus House are processed with the Thai Post (Thailand’s Postal Service) which partners with the recipient’s postal service, i.e. USPS (United States Postal Service) or that of your country which you reside.

In all cases the customer shall be entitled to an indemnity if an:

  1. Registers Item/Parcel
  2. Parcel with Tracking
  3. International Insured Parcel

is lost, missing, rifled or damaged while in postal custody with the cooperation of the recipient and sender.  The follow procedure is required to file a request for investigation/claim with the postal carrier by the recipient..

For damaged contents, the addressee should:

  1. Take any damaged item to the local post office to make a damaged report.
  2. Lodge an inquiry with a local post office.

The destination/recipients post office will make the investigation, the addressee should request a copy of the form for his/her records and send a scanned copy by e-mail to Lotus House ( [email protected] ) in order to assist. 

Please be prepared to provide the following information to the postal service when “Requesting an Investigation” or filing a “Claim” along with the “Tracking Number” provide by Lotus House at the time of the shipment. If parcels are damage, make a photo(s), very important to have pictures.

Shipper:                                                      Recipient:

Lotus House                                               Your Name

45/6 Moo 7 Banmainikom Rd.                    Your Address

Khuntalae Muang                                       Your City

Surat Thani  84100                                    Your State/Providence & Zip Code

Thailand                                                     Your Country

Tel: +(66) 093-505-3757 TH

or +(1) 541-982-2300 US                          Your Telephone number

[email protected]        Your e-mail address

To include contents of the parcel, amount in USD of product and shipping fees.

Of course, if you do not have these items, please feel free to contact Lotus House in providing them to you.  We are here to assist and expedite the procedure in any way possible.

Please note that the postal services limit the Non-insured parcels for content not to exceed $40.00USD on Registered items and $54.00USD on all other parcels.  Insured parcels have a maximum limit of reimbursement of $1,354.00USD. (Rate based at exchange rate of 35THB-$1.00USD).  Postage fee is paid in addition to the content claim.  The postal service is slow and does not alway reimberse for lost or damaged parcels, Lotus House has no control over the postal service and recommends using private carriers such as FastShip, DHL or others.

Once the postal service makes a determination, lost, damaged, etc.  Lotus House will reimburse or re-ship the order immediately under the original order at no cost to you.

ALL OTHER SHIPPING CARRIERS – DHL, UPS, EMS, etc. will be based on that carrier’s policies.

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