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Certifications - Certificate of Analysis (COA) - COA/CG/MSDS

Please click the button(s) below for certification documentation - Complete documentation, signed, dated and presented with corporate seal will be supplied at purchase,  Some essential oils may not have techinal data available. 


  IMO swiss - AG   
  Certificate #: 120328-NOP
France SAS
7 CFR Part 205
FR 215-51517-Z-22943-2015
Oko-Garantie GmbH
Article 29 (1)
Reg: EC 834-2007
  CAS #: 89997-53-5
Batch #: Individual
See Table


Common Name - Pure Essential Oil
Botanical Name SPEC/COA/GC
  Carrot Seed  Daucus carota  Click Here
  Chamomile Roman  Chamaemelum nobile  Click Here
  Cinnamon Bark  Cinnamomum burmani  Click Here
  Clove Bud  Eugenia caryophyllus  Click Here
  Ginger  Zingiber officinale  Click Here
  Guava Leaf  Psidium guajava  Click Here
  Immortelle French  Helichrysum italicum  Click Here
  Juniper Berry  Juniperus communis  Click Here
  Jasmine Egypt  Jasminum officinale  Click Here
  Kaffir Lime Leaf  Citrus hystrix DC.  Click Here
  Kaffir Lime Peel  Citrus hystrix DC.  Click Here
  Lavandin Grosso  Lavandula hybrida grosso  Click Here 
  Lavender Provence (Fine/Population)  Lavandula angustifolia  Click Here
  Lemon  Citrus limon  Click Here
  Lemongrass  Cymbopogon citratus  Click Here
  Mandarin Red  Citrus reticulata  Click Here
  Melissa True  Melissa officinalis  Click Here
  Myrrh  Commiphora myrrha  Click Here
  Patchouli  Pogostemon cablin  Click Here
  Plai  Zingiber cassumunar roxb  Click Here
  Rock Rose  Cistus ladaniferus  Click Here
  Rose Absolute  Rosa damascena  Click Here
  Rose Otto  Rosa damascena  Click Here
  Rosemary Tunisia  Rosmarinus officinalis ct. cineole  Click Here
  Turmeric Root  Curcuma longa  Click Here 
  Ylang Ylang Extra  Cananga odorata genuina  Click Here