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How to become a Distributor

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Lotus House has three (3) types of distributors:

  • Master Distributor (Wholesale Only)
  • Area Distributor (Retail)
  • Shop Keeper (Retail)


A Master Distributor is a company that distributes to a VERY large area, an entire country possibly.  They maintain inventory of ALL the products Lotus House provides in their warehouse.  The Master Distributor sells and ship to all other retail outlets, distribution centers in the assigned territory, Area Distributors and Shop Keepers.  A Master Distributor ONLY wholesales and has NO retail outlet(s), supports the Area Distributors and Shop Keepers.

Area Distributors are retail outlets such as Gift Shops and Boutique's which can specialize in Lotus House products only or a combination of other items, such as stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usual and unque items.  This store generally maintains a web site and also sells on-line but not required too, ships product(s) and will take telephone/e-mail orders.  The Area Distributor enjoys wholesale purchasing and participates in the commission plan of Lotus House on-line sales also.  They are the ONLY distributor type that enjoys the participation of the commission plan in addition to there retail sales. The Area Distributor may operate one (1) or more stores in the same location (City/Zip Code) or differant geographic locations (Multi-State, Multi-City and/or Multi-Zip Codes).

A Shop Keeper is a company such as an Massage Parlour, Hair Styling Shop, Phamacy, etc. that operates another business primarily and sells Lotus House products.  The Shop Keeper enjoys wholesale purchasing from Lotus House however does not participate in the commission plan because they do not ship products or maintain on-line sales, only walk-in retail at their store.

To become a distributor, please complete the on-line application form.  Should take approximately 5 minutes (20 items).

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