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Welcome to Lotus House - All NATURAL & ORGANIC products for your health.

Welcome to Lotus House - Who are we and what Lotus House is all about?

A supplier of

SE Asian Handmade & Handcrafted

All NATURAL & ORGANIC products for your health

Artifacts, Aromatic & Oils, Home & Garden, Natural Soap, Gels & Lotions, Silks, Gifts Packages

Lotus House was first conceived by Alan L. White, co-company founder, in 2004 after moving to southern Thailand and building a new permanent residence. The desire to build a unique custom home took him all over the country in search of designs and materials that would be of a quality and standards that met his expectations.

Not only did the products need to meet these standards and quality but the price had to be affordable too. Teak wood carvings for the ceilings, walls and custom handmade Teak wood doors and window frames throughout the home, interior and exterior were just some of the requirements. Sandstone sculptures for the walls and upright statues for the gardens selected for the quality of craftsmanship and detail were a must.

With an eye for architecture and art this search throughout Thailand and eventually SE Asia brought Alan to revere and discover the beauty of these craftsmen and craftswomen making by hand these wonderful products and now wishes to share them with you.

After ten (10) years from the time of conception until now, we are finally opening the site to offer you SE Asia; here you can order it to your doorstep. The ability to purchase for your home or office without the expense and time of travel, arrange shipping, creating and the worries of receiving. Only top quality products are presented on this web site and sold to you with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction, just as you would expect and Lotus House would only offer.

Lotus House is wholly owned and operated by: Khunsri & White LTD, a Thailand Company.

Our Team Leaders


Alan L. White, Corporate Director

Alan is the co-founder of Khunsri & White, LTD, which is the only company that owns/operates Lotus House. Khunsri & White, LTD was established in Surat Thani, Thailand, 2004. Prior to the opening of Lotus House, Alan has been an executive IT and Telecommunications working worldwide on large networks and enterprise systems. He has presided as CEO for companies such as; National Telephone Co., Inc. in the United States and more recently as an independent consultant, director and senior management in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates for DynCorp International and other government contracts.

Nophadol (Noppy) Khunsri, Corporate Director

Noppy is the other co-founder of Khunsri & White, LTD. He is the company’s CFO and heads up the team for product locator, negotiations and purchasing. Noppy’s background is in the hospitality industry, hotel management and comes from the Marriott Hotel chain working in Thailand and Jordan. He also is a graduate of Physical Therapy and Physical Education – Athletic Development in Thailand, working in SE Asia and Europe.


 Nestor (Nikki) A. Basas, Director - Data Entry Systems

Nikki orinally comes to us from the Philippines and later working in Saudi Aribia and the UAE as the Office Administrator.  His skilld as an Office Adminostrator and Data Entery lead have surpassed all others.  Nikki is one of our 1st employees and was instrumental in the building of the Lotus House web site and the data bases that control and operate all the systems.


Julia Klaus, VP

Our exectutive buyer comes to us with 20 years of experience from travelling the world and living in the far reaches of the globe.  Julia has lived and worked in 11 countries and visited dozens more, soaking up the culture, languages and cuisine.  Her wealth of experience is multi-facited, and her eye for beautiful is only equaled by her zest for life. Julai Klaus is the newest addition to our team. Julai understands our corporate values and what our customers expect and deserve from our products - simple the best of all.  The BEST QUALITY, the BEST ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, the MOST UNIQUE GIFTS, the MOST EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS and all for the best value at affordable prices.  Julia has an eye for distinction and selects products based on quality and value.

John Rossi, VP - N.America Sales & Marketing

In his 30 year career, John has held positions including sales, sales management, general management and marketing.  He has work with industry leaders as; ADT Security Services, Aflac, Colonial Life, Univera and a sales consultant/sales trainer to small business giving him a broad understanding to the relationships between Lotus House, its distribution channels and the most important customers.  His current responcibilities include establishing markets, sales strategies and tactics for Lotus House in North America.

Specializing in: Organic Natural Handmade Soaps, Organic Natural Bath and Shower Gels, Pure Organic and Natural Body Lotions, Organic and Natural Massage Oils.  Also: 100% Pure Essential Oils, Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Blended Essential Oils,  Lavender Essential Oils, Peppermint Essential Oils, Frankincense Essential Oils, Ylang Ylang Essential Oils.

Product satisfaction guaranteed

Lotus House is wholly owned and operated by: Khunsri & White LTD, a Thailand Company