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Blended Carrier Oils for Skin Care Treatments

These are 100% Pure Virgin Oils by CP-Cold Press or Refined extraction method that are BLENDED to address specific skin care needs.. Lotus House Virgin & Extra Virgin Oils are for external or internal use that maybe consumed. These are the carries oils used in combination with essential oils that dilute the concentration for external use with out irritation to your skin. Please see dilution table on this site for assistance.

Definition of (CP) Cold Pressed: If the temperature does not exceed 120 °F, the oil can be called "cold-pressed".

Definition of Refined: An extraction method using a hydraulic press with added heat, higher than "CP" Cold Press method.

Definition of Certified: Any product that is USDA, IMOswiss - AG or ECO Cert Certified Organic is recognized and qualified as an independent organization providing such services.

Definition of Virgin verses Extra Virgin: This refers to the acidity content, no more than 0.8% acidity for Extra Virgin Oils and less than 2.0% for Virgin Oils.

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